Plastic Lasts for direct injection

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  • AP Hinge (APERTO)

    AP Hinge (CHIUSO)

    LP Hinge (APERTO)
  • LP Hinge (CHIUSO)

    LSP Hinge (APERTO)

    LSP Hinge (CHIUSO)


    RP Hinge (APERTO)
  • RP Hinge (CHIUSO)

With its hi-tech injection lasts FMT is able to produce HD plastic Shoe-Lasts, that cover the entire cycle even replacing aluminium lasts, the FMT lasts can be made in all the hinged versions present on the market and some specially conceived by our team to solve Customers problem. The top plates which grip on the rotary are mounted on the lasts are made by FMT and can also be specially designed meet customers’ needs, as can the last holders for injection machines and devices for pneumatic opening of the plastic lasts. All the lasts are in Digital Format to enable connection  with various suppliers.