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Tradition, Research Innovation

These are the key factors in the history of Formificio Milanese Team. Founded in 1967 FMT is not only a supplier but the technological partner of some of the most important shoe manufacturers worldwide. In fact, FMT High-Tech Lasts are currently exported to more than 25 countries.


Design - Development - CAD/CAM – Lasts’ are a tools So why not use item to the best advantage?

FMT has managed to find the perfect combination of tradition and new technology. All the models can be produced by manual or digital methods and, can be requested by customers for the construction of moulds, the design of upper and components and even for automated processes. This offers great time-saving and means the mould maker does not need to digitalise the model again.
At a time when business is connected 24 hours and where there is a PV in every department, FMT is a significant example of how important it is to eliminate the problem of distance: without any branches  or agents FMT Exports 70% of its production.


Production - Use of Plastic Lasts

To make a cycle work, the components must connect, FMT offers not only the traditional lasts but also Hi-Tech Lasts for Direct Injection and Hi-Tech for Automation System  Plastic Shoe lasts. Produced in Italy at FMT in Novi Ligure, the production is divided into three basic sections:

Production processes change according to the type of products, using specific machines to ensure optimal results.